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Meeting to Protect Our Ways of Life Through Unity

The Annual

Southeast Alaska Indigenous Transboundary Commission 4th Annual Indigenous Leaders Summit

The summit brings together Northwestern US Tribes, First Nations and Hereditary Chiefs from British Columbia (BC) protecting the rivers and oceans that sustain us — from saltwater to the headwaters.

Exploring pathways for Tribes and First Nations to work stronger together within the framework of consultation and consent to protect the shared rivers, the salmon, and the communities that rely on them.

4th Annual Indigenous Leaders Summit
May 15-17, 2023

From the Speakers

“I imagine what my territory looks like, if it was alive. I can’t do ceremony, I can’t fish, I can’t live off the land because it’s dead. I don’t want that to happen to you.”
— Cedar George-Parker, Tulalip/Tsleil-Wututh

“To address this, we are the ones to lead. Western science brought us into this mess in the first place.”
—   Frank Brown, Hereditary Chief of the Heiltsuk Nation


“I wanted to share with the leaders here today, where everyone is heading if we don't work together.” 
—   Violet Gatensby, Carcross/Tagish

Lhaq'temish Singers performing at SEITC 4th Annual Indigenous Leaders Summit
Group Photo taken at the 4th Annual Indigenous Leaders Summit
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