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May 15-17
4th Annual Summit
Ferndale, Washington


Peace & Unity Summit, B.C. - July 25-30, 2022

Share Our Knowledge Conference - Wrangell, AK - September 7-11, 2022

UCUT BC Mining Conference - Wenatchee, WA - September 26 & 27, 2022

SUMMIT #4 - Saving Our Way of Life - Phase III - Fall/Winter 2022 


SEITC River Rally 2021

The Southeast Alaska Indigenous Transboundary Commission (SEITC) Presentation at River Rally 2021

Conversation ("Wauwau") with the Creators of When the Salmon Spoke - Colloquium Presentation - 2021 (Youtube)



When the Salmon Spoke Online Production Photo of River in Mountains

When the Salmon Spoke is an online production featuring epic imagery, indigenous music, and visual art, and captivating life stories from ten Tlingit, Haida, and Tahltan community members who are all connected to the Stikine River watershed. When the Salmon Spoke is a part of the same acclaimed Undesirable Elements series of community-specific documentary performances, adapted as a digital experience in the COVID-19 era, led by Tis Peterman, Annita McPhee, and Creative Director/Producer Ryan Conarro.


SEITC River Rally on Beach

The Southeast Alaska Indigenous Transboundary Commission held its rally on the “desert” up the Stikine River. (June Leffler/ KSTK)

A tribal group held a rally on the Stikine River over the weekend to advocate for stronger oversight of transboundary mining. The event marks five years since the Mount Polley Mine disaster in British Columbia in 2014.

About 30 people gathered at a sandy beach up the Stikine River about 15 miles north of Wrangell Island. They held signs saying protect the Unuk, Taku and Stikine — three transboundary rivers that flow from B.C. to Southeast Alaska.  

Group photo transboundary alliance
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